Number Seventeen




Forward 4 Welcome to the 17th edition of the Journal of the Riverside Historical Society. Through this journal, it is the hope of the Society to bring to the public the latest in research/writing about the history of Riverside. This edition continues the tradition, and I think you’ll be greatly informed by the articles before you. Our lead article is a first for the journal - a contribution all the way from Surrey, England! Sara Goodwins, publisher of Loaghtan Books, relates the story of a British military force that came through Southern California - and Riverside - during 1943 to drum up support for the war effort both here and abroad. The article is taken from the rememberances of Clifford Cole, one of the men involved in the effort. Next, the father-daughter team of Aaron and Allison Maggs takes us back to 1908 when the famous (or infamous) elephant stampede occurred throughout downtown Riverside. Several pictures are included of the event, many of which have never been published before. Judith Auth gives us an insider history of the Nosotros Fine Arts Workshop on the city’s eastside. This article delves into a part of Riverside’s more recent history, and is a fantastic look at story behind one of the eastside’s artistic traditions. Finally, Joan Hall, one of Riverside’s most prolific local history writers, relates the story of Little Sam. Little Sam, whose real name was Hom Kip, was employed by the Bettner family of Riverside for more than 40 years in what became the city’s Heritage House. The article tells of the life of one of Riverside’s often forgotten figures. I hope you enjoy this latest incarnation of the journal, and will look forward to many others.


-Steve Lech

President, Riverside Historical Society