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Researcher of the History of Riverside County, CaliforniaAuthor of Along the Old Roads - A History of the Portion of Southern California That Became Riverside County, 1772-1893Riverside in Vintage Postcards - Resorts of Riverside County - Riverside's Mission Inn - Riverside 1870-1940 (Arcadia Publications)

More Than a Place to Pitch a Tent - The Stories Behind Riverside County's Regional Parks

For Tourism and a Good Night's Sleep - J. Win Wilson, Wilson Howell, and the Beginnings of the Pines-to-Palms HighwayEditor, The Riverside County Chronicles (A Journal of the History of Riverside


[America] is a landscape of scary places, the geography of nowhere, that has simply ceased to be a credible human habitat. . . [The American built landscape] is littered with cartoon buildings and commercial messages . . . we whiz by them, through them and forget them. They do not celebrate anything beyond their mechanized ability to sell merchandise and services. One convenience store looks like the next and we do not want to remember them. We did not savor the approach and we were not rewarded upon reaching the destination, and it will be the same next time, and every time. There is little sense of having arrived anywhere, because every place looks like no place in particular."- James Howard Kunstler in The Geography of Nowhere

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